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Marketing and branding communications

The keys to success in marketing are having strong brand awareness and a good reputation. Effective marketing strategies are able to put brands and products under the spotlights and build consumer’s loyalty. Having brands become sponsors of large- scale events is one of the strategies to enhance image of the brand. GC helps clients identify the best opportunity to place sponsorships according to the nature of their business and market positioning. With careful planning and the employment of promotion strategies, we pledged to provide the most cost-effective and special marketing campaign for clients.

List of services provided by GC
    • Marketing communications
    • Hosting press conferences
    • Brand crossover and sponsorships
    • Branding strategies
    • Brand promotion and new product launch
    • Production of promotion materials

Digital and social media marketing

In today’s information age, making use of the internet, social media and mobile devices for marketing purposes is a growing trend. GC has a team of digital marketing veterans who knows the online world inside out and are capable communicator and innovators in the digital world. GC tailor-made social media promotion strategies for clients. Through online forums, social media groups and bloggers, GC ensures client’s marketing messages reach the target audience in the most-cost-effective way, helping brands enhance their popularity.

GC also monitors what is being said on social media about clients. Through analysing these data, GC is able to come up with the best marketing strategies to help clients build and enhance market share.

List of services provided by GC
    • Promotion on social media
    • Blogger outreach
    • Design and promotion strategies for product placement in online advertisement
    • Social media and online advertising
    • Planning for interactive online promotion activities
    • Social media research and monitoring
    • Corporate website design, website content development and updates
    • Social media management
    • Digital marketing strategies
    • Gathering market updates and giving analysis

Media relations

Giving media interviews and getting media coverage is the best way for brands and corporate to build reputation and boost brand awareness. GC is familiar with the operation of traditional and online media. It has close relationship with local media including newspaper, magazine, radio stations, television stations and news agencies, helping clients build trust among media and gain positive coverage.

List of services provided by GC
    • Arranging media interviews
    • Market positioning and indentifying news angles
    • Hosting media gatherings
    • Writing and distribution of press releases
    • Organising of media tours
    • Monitor media coverage
    • Hosting press conferences
    • Hosting corporate events

Event planning

Hosting activities, conferences, seminars and exhibitions are great ways for target consumers to learn about services and products. Such events are also able to help brands create positive images and build relations with target customers. GC helps clients host events from start to finish, providing one stop event planning for all kinds of activities. From coming up with a theme to event planning, making the budget and locating venues, GC does it all. GC provides clients with events that are able enhance the reputation of their brands.

GC has a lot of experience in managing events. It helps clients set-up venues, providing support such as on-stage lightings and sound systems and recruiting MCs and performers. GC also invites celebrities to be spokesperson for brands or make appearances as guests for conferences and seminars. GC brings clients unique and refreshing events.

List of services provided by GC
    • Locating venues and providing design and production of venues
    • Annual dinners
    • Hosting activities and seminars
    • Opening ceremonies
    • Organise event run-downs
    • Exhibitions and road shows
    • Media reception and public relations
    • Formal receptions
    • Production of publications, souvenir and sourcing for supplies for events
    • Catering and transport arrangements for events
    • Hosting seminars, forums, exhibitions and lectures